KLRW Prevails on Behalf of Professional Engineer in New York Labor Law Case

Kathleen Devlin Elected Chair of New Jersey Insurance Law Section and Appointed Vice Chair of Malpractice Insurance Special Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association
June 10, 2020
KLRW Succeeds in Second Department Order to Show Cause
June 23, 2020

Mike Chuven and Nick Guarino obtained summary judgment and dismissal of all claims against a professional engineer in an alleged multi-million dollar bodily injury lawsuit arising after the plaintiff claimed he was struck by a metal object that fell at least nine stories striking him below. Plaintiff claimed that the engineer’s design work failed to account for safety of others. After oral argument on the motions, the Court found in KLRW’s client’s favor, dismissing all causes of action and cross-claims, which included claims for professional negligence and violations of New York’s Labor Law. Please contact Mike Chuven or Nick Guarino for additional information regarding these matters or about New York bodily injury or professional malpractice cases.